"We are the only popular artists in Rwanda", says Jay Polly&Senderi

Posted By: Triphomus Muyagu - On:05/02/2014
Senderi known as International Hit and his friend Jay Polly, they proved themselves to be the only popular artists in Rwanda and they claim to have proofs.

Senderi after having collaborated with Jay Polly, in their song called (Umuvuduko,) in an interview , said that they have many fans in the country who loves them deeply basing on their songs, Senderi  said.

“I am not bragging I and Jay Polly we are the only artists in the country that have many fans and there is no best rapper in the country apart from Jay Polly” International Hit added.

Jay Polly is the King of Hip- hop music in Rwanda, followed by Ama G and those who disagree let them disagree but I am very sure on what I am saying, said Senderi.

“We are very ready to do what our fans want, soon the video of our song  (Umuvuduko,) will be out " Senderi Promised his fans.

Sender Performing

Senderi performing  during PGGSS

Jay PollyJay Polly performing

Click here and listen to song of Senderi and Am G


Triphomus Muyagu

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