Bull Dogg left an amazing story in Musaze district

Posted By: By Triphomus Muyagu - On:05/02/2014
It looks to be amazing but it is true story, this happened last week in Musanze district when Bull Dogg abused Rwandan rappers for being idiotic, he said this while singing during the album launch of Fireman (Itangishaka) in Musanze district.

Bull Dogg' fans have been surprised after having hard abusive word from him in Itangishaka album launch by Fireman in Musanze district, yet in the culture of Rwanda it’s not familiar to abuse any one.

 Also Musanze people had been surprised to see Bull Dogg eating chewing gum publically.

“Bull Dogg might have been taking drugs according to his characters a normal person can’t behave like that; this is totally abusing our culture as Rwandans” Bull Dogg fans said. 

Bull Dogg and jaypolly Bull Dogg and Jay polly in the studio of RC Musanze

The album launch of Fireman involved artists like Sandra Miraj, Jay Polly and many others.

Bull Dogg in Musaze district Bull Dogg in Musanze

By Triphomus Muyagu

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