Kingdom Kids Ministry Opens Kigali Kids Day Out Festival

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:18/07/2018
For the first time in Rwanda, the kingdom Kids Ministries organized the Kigali kids Festival Day Out. The festival due on 18 August 2018 and be showcased at Kacyiru in the Kigali city.

The Kingdom kids Ministry opened in Rwanda in 2009. This scenario of giving kids platform to show the world potential of kids comes for the first time now. Kids are going to speak boldly in the public because the festival will happen every year from now on wards.

Kigali Kids Festival

Kingdom Kids Ministry gathers children for friendly talk

Kacyiru was selected as the best place to welcome the children thanks to looking attractive as the name of the place suggests’’ SOS Children village.’’

Speaking to Inyarwanda.com, the Director of the Kingdom Kids Ministry International, Liliane Mutesi said that the festival aims to rejoice with kids through songs, playing games and help children to discover their spiritual gifts as well as use them for Godly purposes.

Tickets to the festival are affordable on Frw2000 including lunch. Interested children to attend the event have to wear uniformed T-shirt given by the Kingdom Kids Ministry on a price of Frw5000 for a t-shirt. Liliane added that door is wide open for children between 3-13 years old. If interested, Call Liliane: 0784151371 or Sharon:0785092889 and book your place.

Kigali Kids Festival

Kingdom Kids Ministry looks to extend wings to outskirts and reach all corners of the country.

Building on the biblical verse in Mathew chapter 19:14; ‘’but Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me. For of such is a kingdom of the Heaven,’’ she quoted from the Bible.

Kigali Kids Festival

Kingdom kids Ministry nurture, train and assist children to recognize and utilize their God given gifts through dances, worship, praise, reading bible verses and build strong relationship with Christ. 


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Jimmy Ntambala: Jul 18th, 19:33
That is so good an initiative;my children and I are coming!!

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