Best moments you will miss from Women’s Bakery flagship gala

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:18/05/2018
The womens bakery has come in the right time since it trains women to operate bakeries.

The firm gives Women who only had a few years of schooling chance to learn and convert their skills into profitable businesses using local resources. It also partners with organizations and independent groups of women who show potential to operate successful bakeries.

womenIt was enjoyable party as women couldn't hold in their feelings to dance

In an a flagship event that happened on Friday evening at Remera, Gisimenti women bakery members shared happiness with distinguished quests and friends.

There are a lot of opportunities for joining the women’s bakery since Woman hardly pay for the training. After the training they apply for a job which pays them off considerably.  

Women shared their achievements following gruelling journey from almost zero to success 

One of a woman trainee says ‘’This day has long history, I cannot explain it all, we were living in hardship before we joined women’s bakery. We used to make breads in saucepan that we use for cooking at home.’’  

So far ten women have triumphantly completed training .A woman earns considerably  a day as a part time job. The organisation  started with 15 women in 2015, as a result, over 30 women are getting recruited now.

The director of women’s bakery says ‘’Soon we will have 5 bakeries in Rwanda. We have established one in Gicumbi, we have helped refugees and we are working to make supportive environment to women for achieving sustainable development working together’’.

Interestingly, the organization identifies locally available ingredients like flours, vegetables, fruits and nuts to use in recipes in order to make nutritious and affordable breads.

The firm connects with local farmers, craftspeople, property storeowners and leaders to develop product, markets and infrastructure. In the training that last 150+ hours of theoretical and hands-on education is delivered into local language, Kinyarwanda in order to meet local needs and tastes.

breads sold by women's bakery

Women learn to source ingredients and to produce and sell breads in their communities. And because bakery infrastructure is built during training, graduates are able to work immediately after graduating.

 Photos taken by Patience Rutayisire/ Inyarwanda.com

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