Dangers associated with eating Brochettes

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:14/05/2018
Brochettes is meat prepared on skewers and roasted especially by use of charcoal stoves in Rwanda. Its a dish which is most served in almost all bars.

There are places known for having ‘delicious brochette’ and very often people come from far to those particular joints.

However, some of the kitchens where this ‘delicious brochette’ have very poor hygiene.

They are roasted on stoves which have since turned black because of the accumulated soot since they are rarely  washed, said Esperance Uwimana who decided never to eat brochette again after suffering stomach upsets.

Most of the times in the kitchen, the roasted meat is placed on the unused part of the stove, and the meat to roast on the other part, she said.

Skewers are also at times used several times, and there is no proper way to effectively clean them, she said.

Risk of cancer

Dr Clement Bitwayiki, a food scientist and senior lecturer in Food science and Technology at University of Rwanda said, generally eating semi-raw and poor hygienic meat is very risky to one’s health.

Many micro organisms can be found in semi-cooked meats, and they are very dangerous the consumer, he said, adding that In all food types, there are various forms of  micro organisms and when they are not well cooked they continue to grow and multiply inside the body and create toxins which can harm the body.

Besides, the equipments used to roast brochettes are somehow suspicious, he said.

Dr Bitwayiki said people use metallic stoves which are never cleaned. The dirt on those stoves piles up and turns into carcinogens (any substance that produces cancer).

Olivier Hirwa, a food scientist said when meat  is put on fire, there are some molecules which react and can cause cancer.

How to prepare healthy brochette

Hirwa said when people are roasting meat; they have to regulate the heat used because  when meat is burnt, it is no longer good for human consumption.

Meat preparation requires hygiene and quality, the reason why they have to be refrigerated or used when they are still fresh before developing more micro organisms, he said.

“Some eat untested meats like animals which die from natural death, or buy goats from unofficial distributers, this is very risky. Its advisable to buy meat which has been tested and approved by a certified body or professionals,” he said.

He also suggested the use of healthy oil like olive oil where if it’s needed in the process of preparation.

Dr Bitwayiki said Rwandans should always take caution as they prepare food, use clean   utensils, work in a clean kitchen, among others so as to consume food that is not contaminated.

He also said, that before people start businesses inline with food, they should go through basic training on how to carry out the businesses without harming their clients.

“This should limit the negative impacts of foods especially meat among people,” he said.


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