NGOs EXPO Brings solution to unsolved problems

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:01/03/2018
Non-governmental organizations officially opened up public exhibition today with incredible outlook as at the Kigali Exhibition Village and the event will continue tomorrow

The Rwanda Governance Board representative, Kangwage Justus has in behalf of senior Chief Executive made official statement to welcome all nongovernment organizations and civil societies. He encouraged them to work hand in hand to showcase their products to the world.

In behalf of RGB CEO, Kangwage Justus introduced the ceremony despite the rain drops

‘’ It’s a big start joint with the government of Rwanda, as we move on, more will be sensitized, more will be engaged to be a success because we are exhibiting programs we do that contribute to the development of the country, uplifting welfare and giving voice to the citizens of Rwanda,’’ he said.

The conference aims to reinforce the development of the country in various sectors to share experiences while showcasing achievements and strengthening partnerships. Share knowledge experiences and network.

The Women's Bakery is a social enterprise that makes and sells locally sourced, highly nutritious bread. This is Rachel Carroll, Nutrition Coordinator of TWB in Rwanda." 
‘’ We train local women how to make breads on their own, they operate bakery, sell, market and supply local breads to meet local market demand, they are strong women,’’ she said with excitement and added that they are looking for expanding their lucrative organization.

Watch the hightlights here 

Taking stock of the effects of 1994 genocide that left the economy on its knees, these interventions have aided the government in rebuilding of critical sectors, like health, education, agriculture and infrastructure among others. Generally, Rwanda’s social economic recovery, poverty reduction, gender equality, good governance among other milestones could not have flourished without the contribution of Civil Society Organizations and NGOs.

 Participants payed attention for the speech

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