AHF Rwanda introduces a condom kiosk in Huye

Posted By: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace - On:17/02/2018
HIV/AIDS eradication is one of the main reasons AHF in partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Centre, is introducing condom kiosks. These condoms will be provided 24/7 and for free, which is expected to bring prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Condom kiosks were also introduced in Rusizi and Rubavu and the outcomes show that many Rwandans embraced this idea by consuming these condoms. In numbers, up to 11,000 condoms were consumed in 3 months on one kiosk. This condom kiosk was launched this Friday 16th February 2018.

Dr Brenda Kateera, AHF Rwanda Country Director says that this kiosks will bring change in the community by enhancing people’s health and welfare . The condoms kiosks started in Kigali and now we’ve put a condom kiosk in Huye. The main reason is to increase the number of people who use condoms consistently and correctly. We expect that there will be an increase of people that are using condoms and then the reduction of the number of new infections of HIV but also the reduction of unwanted pregnancies.” She said.


Dr Brenda

The challenge the condom kiosk is still facing, is the cultural perception of why someone should get a condom, then hindering some people from asking for them. However, Dr Brenda believes that AHF, along with the ministry of health and other health related organizations, they can continue to mobilise people and teach them a lot about prevention, especially for the benefit of those who get involved in sexual acts with multiple partners.

The condom kiosk in Huye was introduced in Cyarwa, next to the UR/HUYE campus and in the sorroundings, live a lot of youth. 

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