Things People Who Are Absolutely In Love With Books Will Understand

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:26/10/2017
The best thing about books is that they can transport you to an alternate reality.

Reading books will expand your mind in ways that you never imagined possible. If you’re addicted to books, here are a few things that will definitely hit home.

When you finish a good book, you feel like you just lost a good friend. Some people carry a book every where they go.

Novel Reader

You cannot stop yourself from buying new books every time you walk past a bookstore. Everytime you go into a bookstore just to take a look around and you end up buying three new books and sometimes deciding what to read next is such a huge decision.

Your birthday is the best time of year because you always get tons of books as gifts from your people as they hope it is the only thing they can do to you to bring happiness in your mind. People always ask you for book recommendations as they are aware that the smell of a new book is just heavenly mood for you because you procrastinate by reading books.

Admit it, you’ve fallen in love with a fictional character before. Finding someone who reads the same books as you is like finding your soulmate and you just know that books are the most awesome things ever on the earth.

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