AviaDev Africa gets ready to welcome senior aviation leaders

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:10/10/2017
Aviadev will welcome senior leaders in the field of African aviation for the second edition of the conference in Kigali.

AviaDev will bring together route development specialists from major airlines and airports within Africa and employing a bespoke personalized meeting schedule to ensure that significant steps towards increasing connectivity to, from and within Africa can be achieved.  Aviadev has pre-scheduled over 500 meetings using its software,
  "Developing personalized schedules for each company really delivers a return on investment for airlines and airports attending AviaDev. The event's success will be measured by the number of new routes and business contacts generated. We act as facilitators, allowing delegates to make meaningful contact in a concentrated timescale, offering huge efficiencies", commented 
Jon Howell, the  Managing Director of AviaDev.

Coupled with the meetings AviaDev also has a comprehensive programme which aims to provide an "open-skies toolkit" for all attendees. As the aviation landscape in Africa becomes more liberalised, knowing how to attract airlines to a destination will become more important. Therefore, AviaDev will provide workshops on how to market your airport/ destination to airlines, how to embrace e-commerce, data and how to develop and finance infrastructure. Highlight sessions include a one-to-one live onstage interview with former Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Ato Girma Wake offering his thoughts on what the future holds for African Aviation and two market briefings from new market entrants, jetWest and Jet Afrique.

AviaDev will take place alongside the Africa Hotel Investment Forum which welcomes over 400 hotel investors, developers, owners, designers to come together and do business.  Combining this delegation with that of AviaDev allows the industry a unique opportunity to talk to the leaders of hospitality, collaborate together and deploy a co-ordinated approach to improve tourism, connectivity and by result the economy of destinations.

Jonathan Worsley, Chairman, Bench Events connected, "These two industries working side by side is so important to drive the economy and tourism of Africa forward, with hotels sharing their new development plans with airlines and airlines sharing new route discussions with hoteliers".

Remember AviaDev Africa is the only dedicated air service development event for Africa, taking place on the African continent in 2017. It is organised by Bench Events which is known for producing the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) and several other top-level hotel conferences around the world.

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