Historic artefacts move from Kandt museum to Karongi District

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:05/09/2017
The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) on Monday completed the relocation of all historic artefacts related to environment from the Natural History Museum (Kandt House) to the environmental museum in Karongi District.


This is part of efforts to streamline museums, to create a niche for each of the eight national museums.

The relocation comes after it was realized that the natural history museum in Kigali also had other features which should be taken to related museums in a bid to package better the visits to the museums and also ensure proper preservation of the artefacts.


Dr.Ulrich Schmidt from Germany speaks to media

According to Robert Masozera, the INMR Director General, the objects that were relocated are minerals, volcanic and sediments, metamorphic rocks, hydrology parts, types of soils in Rwanda, meteorites and non-living animals.

However, living animals such as snakes and crocodiles will remain in the museum as officials are looking for ways to relocate them in other museums.


Robert Masozera, the INMR Director General.

He said that Kandt House, which is the home of a former German colonialist in Rwanda and believed to be the first modern house in Kigali, will only remain with artefacts related to German colonialism.

German colonized Rwanda before it fell to the Belgians after the First World War.

Objects here will focus on the time when Germans came to Rwanda, how Rwanda was before their arrival and the implication of colonialism and also the special role played by Dr Richard Kant, the first German resident in Rwanda, according to Masozera.


Some of the historic artefacts related to environment from the Natural History Museum  that have been relocated to Karongi

Masozera stressed that the institution has embarked on revamping museum structures and service packages to be able to double the current revenue of Rwf200 million from cultural tourism per annum.

Earlier last month, a children’s library at the environmental museum in Karongi District was inaugurated with a variety of children books on social life stories as well as promoting environmental protection.

According to officials, this is in a bid to ensure the place is well equipped and attracts more visitors.


Dr Ulrich Schmidt, an expert from Germany, is among the team that is helping to relocate the artefacts.


Some of the reptiles that have been left at the museum

He said that there are more artefacts on the colonial history of Rwanda which will be brought to Kandt House, adding that by the end of this year the museum will have been equipped with historical objects, some of them currently in Germany such as traditional songs, pictures among others.

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