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Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:06/06/2017
Your blood feeds every cell, tissue, gland, organ and organ system in your body. Without strong, oxygen-rich blood these systems can become compromised. Here are 17 ways to build stronger, richer, healthier blood:


Get moving

The best way to build oxygen-rich blood is to exercise. Not only does exercise help your heart pump blood, it brings fresh oxygen.

Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply brings more oxygen to your lungs which then moves directly across into your blood.

Eat more legumes

Rich in fiber and nutrients, beans and legumes help eliminate harmful cholesterol (LDL) and lower triglycerides.

Get adequate iron

Iron forms the center of the hemoglobin molecule making it essential for strong blood.  Many pre-menopausal women are deficient in iron and may need supplementation. Because excess iron can be dangerous, get your levels tested prior to supplementation. Some vegan foods that are good sources of iron include:  lentils, kidney beans, prunes, green vegetables and dried apricots.

Take a B-vitamin supplement

The B-vitamins B-6, B-12 and folate are essential to lowering the amount of homocysteine in your blood. High levels of homocysteine have been linked to arterial clogging and heart disease, making it critical to control.

Eat your Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the plant nutrient that gives vegetables their green color. It is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule. Boosting your intake of greens combined with adequate iron helps boost your blood.

Spice things up

Cayenne helps speed blood purification by stimulating cardiovascular activity and lowering blood pressure. Add it to your meals for flavor and a stronger cardiovascular system.

Drink aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice has been used for many years by herbalists as a natural blood booster. It cleanses arteries and is anti-inflammatory. It is also rich in amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals—all of which help build strong blood.

Drink lots of water

Blood is largely made up of water and needs water to help it replenish.

Quit smoking

This seems fairly obvious since smoking pollutes blood, but if you haven’t quit yet, there’s no time like the present.

Switch to natural body care products

Lotions, creams and cosmetics are absorbed directly through the skin into the blood. If the products you use contain toxic ingredients you are giving them direct access to your blood.

Stop using “air fresheners”

These products are full of harmful ingredients that gain access to your blood directly by being breathed and absorbed through the alveoli in your lungs and by landing on skin and being absorbed directly into your bloodstream. They are loaded with cancer-causing ingredients, male hormone disruptors and mutagens that damage your genetic material. Check out my article: “Exposed: The Shocking Truth About Air Fresheners” for more information.

Use dandelion root

One of the best blood builders is also the most hated. Dandelion root has been shown to improve liver conditions by purifying the blood. Of course, you shouldn’t dig them up from lawns near busy roadsides or from those that have been sprayed. Dandelion root can be cooked and eaten in soups, stews and smoothies. It can be boiled in water, strained and drunk as a tea. It can also be roasted and made into a coffee-like drink.  Many health food stores carry dried dandelion root and dandelion coffee substitutes.  Follow package directions.

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients and phytonutrients that build blood and reduce arterial plaque, making them essential allies in blood and cardiovascular health.

Take sarsaparilla root

The root that flavors old-fashioned root beer has been shown to attack microbial substances in the bloodstream, thereby neutralizing them. It contains compounds called saponins that have natural antibiotic (bacteria-killing) properties. It can be taken as an herbal tincture (alcohol-based extraction), tea or in capsule form. Follow package directions.

Eat more fiber

Research shows that a diet high in soluble fiber are effective in eliminating plaque buildup in the arteries.

Eat a more alkaline diet

The blood’s pH is naturally 7.365 but our acid-forming diets can cause the balance to shift slightly in favor of acidity, which scours the arterial walls.  Reduce sugar, soda, meat and processed foods in favor of alkaline vegetables (almost all vegetables are alkaline). Included these other alkaline foods in your diet:

  • alkaline fruits: avocados, fresh coconut, lemons, limes and grapefruit
  • alkaline legumes: lentils, navy beans and soy
  • alkaline nuts and seeds: almonds, pumpkin seeds, sprouts and sesame seeds
  • alkaline grains: buckwheat, quinoa and spelt

Always check with your natural health practitioner or doctor prior to making any dietary or lifestyle changes and before starting supplements and herbs.


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