Rwanda Christian Convention Leaves Nostalgic Moments In Canada

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:05/07/2018
For the first time, the Rwanda Christian Convention has left memorable moments that you will by no means miss during a crusade held in Toronto, Canada on 29th June.

The crusade was known to be staged in the United States of America but for the time chance went to Canada. Happened four times since its existence, the crusade planners allowed it to take place in Toronto from 29th June-1st July 2018.  It was just a start because the crusade is scheduled to be taken to the Washington Dc, beginning on 24th-26th August this year.

The Rwanda Christian Convection occurred in various states of America respectively. It debuted from Chicago in 2015, nest, in Dallas, Texas and lastly in Dayton, Ohio.

The Rwanda Convention concert aims at bring Rwandan diaspora together in order to discuss pressing issues brought about by the past tragedy that blanketed the country of thousand hills.    

That it was happened for three days, the crusade attracted not just people from Toronto city but dozens of residents coming from near and far of cities that involve; British Columbia, Winnipeg and Montreal other than Rwandan diaspora living in Washington Dc, Chicago, Indiana and Arizona. The event was organized by associations of Iglesias and churches operating in Canada in partnership with Rwanda High Commission to Canada.     

The main theme hints, “behold, I will bring health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth”.

Singers who graced the crusade thrilled revelers to the maximum. The Krystaal Gospel Music band and La Lumiere du Monde( the Light of the world) from Montreal Church echoed revival message to the world that touched hearts of many believers.  

The High Commission of Rwanda to Canada, Madam Shakilla Umutoni spoke to open up the crusade.

‘’As the word of God says:God visits two or three people gathered for a prayer, in the same way, a place wherein Rwandans are gathered becomes Rwanda.’’ She said, adding that Rwandan government has started a good program to approach people wherever they are and that Rwandans have regained their value that was almost gone during the aftermath of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. 

Shakilla Umutoni

Shakilla Umutoni

Shakilla spoke out to express gratitude towards organizers of the event and spurred church leaders and believers to be bold and accurate while telling the world of the past history of Rwanda in terms of encouraging people to apologize and instill in them the culture of forgiveness. As of the theme, Rwanda is building new hope and charity among Rwandans. Undoubtedly, sustainable development is knocking on the door.

The ‘’Refined by Fire’’ author, Pastor Jeanne d’ Arc Uwanyirigira witnessed that wounds damage a person’s outlook and it is much harder to forgive than apologize ,however, there is hope as God can do everything.

Dr. Peter Marchall is one of distinguished guests who attended the event and he reminded believers that God created people in the same way, so they should build on that to love one another. He asked God to bless Rwanda and said that he is a Rwandan in his heart despite his physical appearance is a Canadian.

 “God knew that although He made the nations...made man; that man would fall, reject God and do things that are not His will. And we’re talking today about healing. Man has the ability apart from God to do wrong… The Light has come to Rwanda because we have gathered here this weekend and God is bringing healing to the people and nation of Rwanda. Only God can heal the people of Rwanda through the nations of the world”. Dr. Peter prayed.

The Noble Family church and Women Foundation Ministries senior shepherd, Apostle Mignonne Alice Kabera preached and told the story of the basket in which Moses was put before he was placed into water as he was fleeing. That basket was decorated well and the Nowa’s ark was well anointed all sides. She built on this story to compare believers and shepherds to the ark and the basket that have good outlook but broken inside their hearts. She advised them to lay down their autonomy and accept to be guided by God.


Rwanda Christian Convention

Rwanda Christian Convention

Rwanda Christian Convention

Rwanda Christian Convention

Rwanda Christian Convention

Rwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian ConventionRwanda Christian Convention


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