Rwandan Rev. Pastor Has a Serious Crush on Zari Hassan

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:04/07/2018
The Rwandan Reverend Pastor of Jehovan Tsdikenu Church Ministries Kayumba Fraterne wishes to meet the Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan in person.

The 37years old woman divorced a Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz with whom they have two children.

Zari married to Diamond Platnumz following a separation with the late South African businessman, Ivan Ssemwanga who sired three children of Zari. Now the woman looks after five children she begot from different husbands.

Plenty of men expressed serious crush towards Zari Hassan after she decided to become a man of her house. The Kenyan gospel singer, Ringtone gave out a high class car offer to win the heart of Zari but the method failed.

Zari and Rev Kayumba

The Reverend and gospel singer in Rwanda, Kayumba follows in praising the majestic beauty of Zari. It becomes a latent habit for him to post and share photos of Zari Hassan, notably, on Instagram and Facebook.

He says‘’ Good morning my beauty queen.’’

In an interview with inyarwanda.com the Rev. Kayumba denied that he is in love with the Ugandan socialite but he is keen on meeting her in order to thank her personally for being a courageous and brave woman.  

Zari and Rev Kayumba

‘’I like self-motivated woman who always seeks ways to better life of her children. I love the way she looks like. She works hard and takes care of her children. I have nothing else behind this. I pray that we can meet some day,’’ Rev. Kayumba wishes.  

Zari and Rev Kayumba

Rev. Kayumba Fraterne chairs the ‘’ Jehovan Tsdikenu Ministries.’’ He released plenty of gospel songs including; Imbuto, Umukunzi wanjye featuring Diana Kamugisha and Jack B, Love, Holy People, Mureke Ibiyobyabwenge ft Jack B and P Fla, Africa, Ntimugire Ubwoba, Worship God in HipHop, just to name a few of them.

Rev. Kayumba

Rev. Kayumba Fraterne

The gospel music rapper, Kayumba appeared on a list of Best Hiphop song of the year for Groove Awards Rwanda for two times. The name of this servant of God appeared in newspapers for the first time when he asked the Miss Rwanda contestant, Grace Bahati, to repent of her sins. At the beginning of this year, the Pastor foresaw the winner of Miss Rwanda beauty pageant unfortunately his prophecy failed.

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