Gitwaza’s New Rule in Zion Temple Has Reasons Behind- Ev. Fred Kalisa makes analysis

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/06/2018
The senior Bishop of the Zion Temple Church Dr Paul Gitwaza reportedly ordains very young pastors. In an interview with Inyarwanda.com the Evangelist Fred Kalisa tells us the reasons behind the doings of Gitwaza.

Taking a walk back, Dr Paul Gitwaza ordained new Shepherds be it in Rwanda and abroad. It is weird that Christian Iglesias anoints unmarried lad or lady but undisputed man of Zion Temple has introduced a new principal in the Church that has raised disharmony in the church.  

The acting Zion Temple spokesperson Pastor Flory said that unmarried and young people are out of restriction to shepherd and give order in the church. He told about a legend man from the Bible whose name is Paul, adding that Paul initiated so many churches despite the fact that he had never been married.  

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 Ev. Fred Kalisa speaks out

I have read various reports about ordainment of God’s servants especially pastors and I observed that all are classified into two main categories.

1st: Gitwaza is keen on fresh blood because youths have so much spiritual strength and need to take responsibility.

2nd: Gitwaza is eager to hire new assistants in his church who will compromise to his ruling principals because the former ones tried to dethrone him.  

Bring fresh blood into the church

Ordainment of new pastors I see it as a change because Bible says that beauty of the youths is their strength. Therefore, they can undoubtedly bring change for better since they have so much commitment to fulfill their duties. That’ s why Gitwaza has adopted this method.

Former Pastors betrayed Gitwaza

Now that Gitwaza originally worked closely with the former Pastors they became familiar among themselves. They had several secrets in common and things went beyond being workmates but they became very close until they attempted to throw him out. So, the weapon of appointing youths will get him confident that there will be no more betrayal in his church and everyone will see him as irreplaceable church leader.  


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