Monsignor, Rucyahana to grace Rwandan Christian Convention Crusade in Canada and US

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:10/05/2018
The Monsignor, John Rucyahana along with Alice Mignone to attend Rwandan Christian Convention crusade of 2018. It will gather all Rwandan Diasporas.

For the 4th time the crusade will be showcased in Toronto, Canada. CEO of Rwandan Christian Convention Emmanuel told our reporter the crusade aims at strengthening unity, reconciliation and charity amongst Rwandans.

Amerika:Rwandan Christian Convention 2018 iregereje, Musenyeri Rucyahana na Apotre Mignonne bari mu batumiwe

Beginning 29th June and calls its quit on the 1st July. It is extraordinary that the gospel gala will also move to Washington DC in August for two days from 26th.

The CEO of Rwandan Christian Convention , Emmanuel Gatorano  told inyarwanda.com reporter that all is well planned and they are eager to hold an outstanding crusade in the US. He added that participants and performers are clear whilst others have yet been known.

Rwandan Christian Convention

Among of the known,  he cited  Bky Amis, Antoinette Rehema, Krystaal Gospel music and some important guests that include an Anglican leader representative in Rwanda, Monseigneur John Rucyahana and Apostle, alice Mignone of Noble family church and women foundation ministries.

Chantal Mudahogora  slated to act as a coordinator of the concert that is due to happen in Canada.

In a subject of the concert, simply says ‘’ blessed are those ones who have God as their savior,’’ Emmanuel told our reporter of their achievements so far.

‘’ We have got a success because we observed that concertgoers get hearts released and receive salvation,’’ says Emmanuel, who reminded Rwandans that they should hold up Rwandan values and sustain it better than they think of any other thing of interest their.  

He encouraged Rwandans to maintain team work spirit but most importantly patriotism.

‘’ We are all aware of the disharmony in our churches, so we had better work together and be patriotic,’’ said Emmanuel who extended his thanks to the embassy of Rwanda to US for partnership with them.

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Gospel musicians pose in the picture

Rwandan Christian Convention

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