Gregg of Amazing Grace Christian Radio Says what he thinks after RURA Revokes his Radio broadcasting license

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:25/04/2018
The Director of Amazing Grace Christian Radio tells us what he thinks after RURA revoked his Radio broadcasting license.

Gregg Schoof laments that it is a very sad day for the rule of law in Rwanda as many already know RURA has revoked his Radio broadcasting license .  He says he doesn’t know what happenedRadio Amazing Grace yambuwe uburenganzira bwo gukorera ku butaka bw’u Rwanda

To defend himself, Gregg recall about the constitutions of Rwanda guaranteeing media. He tells that in a summary, RURA has ordered to plead guilty against hi conscience. He reduces to plead guilty, so, RURA revoke his broadcasting license.  To him, RURA can’t order people to plead guilty. The Rwandan constitution guarantees that media outlets have the rights of opinion and conscience (Article33).

He makes it clear that, RURA ordered him to apologize for Pastor Nicolas but he answered RURA in 3 arguments below:

  1. I am not Pastor, Nicolas. Pastor Nicolas must apologize himself.
  2. Pastor Nicolas was not found guilty yet. There has been no testimony, no hearing and no court case for his message. His message has never been discussed. So RURA wants me to apologize for someone who is still presumed to be innocent? (Article19).
  3. If I apologize, then I admit that I am guilty of wrongdoing. I am not guilty of doing anything wrong. Why apologize? To apologize is to plead guilty!

Gregg continues to speak out that on Thursday, April 26, the radio has a first court date to get back on the air. He tells tell us that both RMC (Rwanda Media Council) and RURA( Rwanda Utility Regulation Authority) have not respected the laws of Rwanda. To him, if he gets an honest judge he will win. But, if the judge respects the law of Rwanda he loses a success.

However, all those allegations, he reminds Rwandans that something important for them is to be aware of that God is still in control. He believes that all who listens will repent of their sin and look only to Jesus for salvation.

He adds that 6300 churches now are closed in Rwanda. He thinks that Jesus is coming again very soon. He calls people to welcome Jesus’s amazing grace.


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