Ugandan New chapter Africa Singers Are in the Country

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:23/04/2018
The New Chapter Africa: Is a group of gospel musicians composed by three guys. They are in the country to promote their music

Antonniro Amaat, Edwin Lutaya and Robinson Jomo have so far spent few days in Rwanda. To them, the best ways to promote their songs, they preferred to cooperate with media outlets across the continent.

New Africa Chapter

Speaking to Inyarwanda.com, the musicians said that they are fond of the natural landscape of the country. They also liked culture of solidarity that Rwandans have got. Slow rhythmic gospel songs of Rwandans have inspired them a lot until they decided to come. Since they have arrived in the country, the three guys have got to recognize Aline Gahongayire, on the side of gospel singers. They continued to tell us that they regret to have been unaware of important gospel singers in Rwanda such as Israel Mbonyi. They added that they know in person singers that include; Dj Pius, charly and Nina, Meddy and The Ben because their music transcended borders and become known to everyone in Uganda.

New Africa Chapter

Those men have aim to feature in a song with Rwandan songstress, Marina.

They told us that they have confidence to create gospel music that will succeed and take over and eliminate secular music on the globe. The singers are not afraid of being broke because they expect more partners to financially back them up.

They give advice to gospel artiste from Rwanda that they should produce music videos with high quality other than collaborate with international singers.

Watch their song here 

Another important aspect is that of working closely with media to get their songs promoted. The three guys promised that they refuse to return to Uganda prior to their paying a visit to genocide against Tutsis memorial site in an attempt to understand the historic tragedy that Rwanda has seen in 1994.   

New Chapter Africa yo muri Uganda bari mu Rwanda mu gushaka ubucuti n'imikoramire n'abahanzi nyarwanda   


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