Public over react after Zari Hassan converts to Christians

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:19/04/2018
Zari Hassan has finally confirmed that she is now Christian.

The former ex-girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz has been seen in Church for some time now with fans wondering whether she has converted.

The mother of five has revealed she now goes to Church, confirming the rumours she is now a Christian.

This comes just two months after dumping the Bongo star. The singer has recently been flaunting videos of himself and his baby Mama Hamisa Mobetto in bed.

Check out fans’ reactions:

bbchepkoech: Y’all asking bout her religion?Whether Christian or Muslim we worshipping one God

birziah: zarithebosslady dont bother about them discussing about religion, all we know the truth is no body born as Muslim or christian we just follow our parents faith and we have right to choose which one to follow not that its by law to be as your parent.

nakweri: God didn’t create us humans and gave each of us a religion. He created us in his image. We are all his children Muslim, catholic, protestant, Jewish etc. So we shouldn’t be defined by our religious beliefs but we do right by God.

githinjiterry: I love a woman who falls on her feet, you are one of them. The best way to get through the toughest of time is by surrendering all to God, he is all faithful and fights battles. He knows our deepest fears let him take charge of your life and you will never regret it

colethamaggie: Zarina keep it up in calling Jesus Christ Everything is going to perfect and you be higher, una akili sana lea Watoto wako ndiyo Kila kitu

ndondo_999: Nenda kanisani mama T.. Yesu Ndie amani ya kwel…. niliwahi sikia uliokoka kitambo Kama ndivo omba tu toba kwa yaliyotokea hapo nyuma kisha endelea kuipeperusha bendera ya Kristo mama…. @zarithebosslady read.. eph 4÷22-24. Zari


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