Dominic Ashimwe urges Rwandans to heal shattered hearts of Genocide Survivors

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:10/04/2018
The gospel musician better known by his stage name, Dominic Ashimwe dedicates consoling message to the citizens of Rwanda during ongoing period to commemorate beloved people who lost lives in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Now that Dominic was very young during the genocide  against the Tutsi he says that Rwanda has gone through hard moments and that it is about time the country built impeccable future.

He reassures families who lost their beloved people and spurred the general public to support them in terms of telling kind words inspiring hope other than being well-wishers to them

‘’Our country has gone through hard times; fortunately it goes towards better future. It is just a start for we want to reach further than where we are,’’ he says.

He continues to say that children who feed from one mother’s breast have no excuse to condemn their brothers and sisters for having born in different seasons, they had better instead build oneness to overcome challenges of any kind.

 Dominic AshimweDominic Ashimwe urges Rwandans to heal shattered hearts of Genocide victims

He adds that Rwandans are united as one family whose members love one another be it young children, adults, elders and friends. He points that it is a concern for all to hold back people aiming to bring out genocide ideology in a way that they repatriate to take part in the development of the nation and inherit needful legacy to the future generation.    

‘’It is unbelievable how God enlightened darkness that was covering our country during that period, fortunately God did it’’ says Dominic who confesses that God brought back hope for who seemed to lose it.    


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