Sinach graces Easter Celebration concert in Rwanda

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:02/04/2018
For the first time the who I know hit maker landed historical performance in Rwanda yesterday while concertgoers thrilled to share happiness of listening to the mixture of tune and melody of the long awaited Easter celebration concert , notably believers of Jesus Christ.

Distinguished revelers at the event involve; the Bishop Innocent Rugagi, Apostle Mignone Kabera, Pastor Iyamuremye, Pastor Lydia Masasu, singer Tonzi, Mc Anitha Pendo just to name a few of them. In the concert that started at evening, 5:00, and called it a quit at about 10:30.

 Watch her performance here 

Unexpected heavy rain interrupted it because the time of beginning was due from 4:30. When the rain swooped in the  Kigali  capital everyone had to search for his own shelter all around the Amahoro Stadium and  none  could brave the heavy storm rain  and they waited until it cooled down to kick the show off.

Patient Bizimana

 Sinach found it a wow to dance with Rwandans who she becomes powerless to hold her feelings back to ask to pose with her in the memento pictures. Patient Bizimana who invited the gospel music queen had nothing else to do at the end as he expressed gratitude towards Sinach who did not disappoint him for coming and wave goodbye to all participants.


Sinach and PatientSinach performed for the first time in Rwanda

Patient BizimanaPatient Bizimana



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