6 Church Leaders including Bishop Rugagi under arrest

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:05/03/2018
The Bishops, Apostles and Reverends kept under arrest following havoc that has been arising in churches.

6 church’s’ leaders are under the arms on Rwanda National Police for they are accused of not complying with the lawsuit controlling functioning of churches in Rwanda.

Bishop Rugagi, Apotre Rwandamura, Rev Nyamurangwa Fred,..batawe muri yombi na Polisi y'u Rwanda

Bishop Innocent Rugagi ( left) Apostle Charles Rwandamura (middle) Rev. Pastor  Fred Nyamurangwa (right )

Few days ago, some churches were locked out because of the violation of the law that watches over the operation of  Churches but things don’t want to stop like that because Rwanda national police announced that Bishop Rugagi Innocent chairing the Redeemed gospel church, the Apostle Rwandamura  Charles of the United Christian church, the reverend, Ntambara  Emmanuel , Bishop James Dura, Pastor Kalisa Shyaka Emmanuel and the Rev, Pastor  Fred Nyamurangwa shepherding CELPR Church were taken by the police to be interrogated on the matter.

‘’ Police has started doing investigation about private actions of some Iglesias and church leaders reported that they stand against the implementation of the lawsuit controlling their churches. Those activities include calling for underhand meetings,’’ the Rwanda National Police spokesperson, Theos Badege said.

This news comes after the President Paul Kagame on 1 March took on uncountable numbers of churches that are being established day and night, unfortunately contribution to building the country seems scarcely .    

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