RGB Takes on Betrayed Trust Of some Church Leaders

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:01/03/2018
Rwanda Governance Board announced serious issues that are affecting churches because of unqualified leaders who dont want top cease fire that they are reported to have brought in the church before they leave to start more churches aside.

In an interview with the journalists on 19 Feb 2018, Prof. Shyaka Anastase took on amendment of the law governing the functioning and operation of Churches, in general, dated 5 years now. This change comes after public send petition to the RGB in favor of defending people’s rights which claimed that churches ought to be taken under control by government authorities like they do for other institutions without any excuse.

VIDEO:Umuntu ugiye gushinga idini kubera ko yamanyuye azajya abanza atwereke uko Imana yayimanyuye-Prof Shyaka

’ We have reasons for the law amendment, election in churches always matters.  If one loses seat in the church, thinks of starting a new church aside that results into splitting the church into two, that’s the problem we are facing off now.

RGB representative implied that believers and all people serving God were expected as trusted people but they have  betrayed their trust since turmoil has been ruing some churches in the country as the result the law was renovated to condemn them.

‘’ God deserve much respect, we believed Christians are innocent when it comes to committing crimes, they however lost that trust, consequently they have to be check on for everything before they establish new churches,’’ said Prof. Shyaka Anastase .

Some of the requirements for every church  include; the land of at least ½ hector in the appropriate living allocations, having bathrooms for men and women, greening and pavement,  wastage tube and garbage, sound proof finished construction and undersigned paper by RGB with occupation permit.  

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