Apostle Mignone Calls at least 200 for Couples’ Dinner

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:15/02/2018
Women Foundation Ministry brings at least 200 couples together for Valentines Day dinner

Chaired by Apostle Alice Kabera Mignone the Women Foundation Ministries surprisingly on 14th Feb summoned at least 200 couples to in style cerebrate the annual Valentine’s Day dinner staged at the Kigali Serena Hotel yesterday.

MU MAFOTO 100: Women Foundation yahurije hamwe ama 'Couples' y'abakristo bizihiza St Valentin mu birori bibereye ijisho

The revelers at the party mesmerized with the Jubilee Christian Church’s acting Bishop, Allan, who expressed his innermost confession of love to the wife Rev. Kathy Kiuna and took an advantage to open up on their romantic history.

The ceremony was an eye catching since couples above forties’ reminisced their young age relationship as they cut off bread into smaller pieces  to be shared between one on one couple in romantic mood and so did the young generation.

Directing the event, Pastor Alice Kabera Mignone’s heartfelt message could not hold in as she showed gratitude to her God given husband, Eric Kabera that permitted her to found the Women Foundation Ministries in favor of glorifying God.  

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