Redeemed Gospel Church Locked out over Noise, Bishop Rugagi Scared

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:13/02/2018
The news to many comes as surprise considering the way the bishop Rugagi Innocent has been for few days back enchanting victorious power in a bid to silence people who tried to challenge him.

The 12th Feb brought darkness to the Redeemed Gospel church based in the Kigali capital, near the Rubangura house because the reportedly undisputed man had it locked from then on according to the close source.

KIGALI: Urusengero rwa Bishop Rugagi Innocent rwafunzwe kubera urusaku rukabije

The Redeemed Gospel Church locked out over noise

Soon as the Church was closed, some believers tried to access the opposite door, unfortunately they added fuel to the fire that prompted the Bishop to be on Tuesday summoned for round table explanations.

Bishop Rugagi

Nobody appeared around the church today

Inyarwanda.com reporter had phone call hanged up for several times while in an attempt to hear from the Bishop Rugagi’s reaction and so did the Nyarugenge District officer, Kayisime Nzaramba. Inkurunzi Church was not left behind by the incident as the lawsuit which on its article number 600 stipulates that over shouting, notably, during the night is punishable from 8 weeks to 2 years out of service accompanied by fine between Rwf500000 and a million or one of the two punishments.  

Bishop Rugagi 

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