Apotre Gitwaza might spend sleepless night as Vuningoma eyes to return to Zion Temple

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:21/12/2017
The former Bishop assistant to Apotre Gitwaza, Vuningoma Dieudonne opened about his return plan to regain his honor and sit again on his taken away confortable throne.

This news comes following the havoc the Zion Temple church based at Gatenga, Kigali, has seen some days back. 

Zion Temple:Umuriro ugiye kwaka, Bishop Dieudonne avuga ko Gitwaza nta burenganzira afite bwo kumwirukana

The reportedly undisputed king on the throne Dr. Paul Gitwaza overreacted and sent out good number of his fellow bishops who were used to praise God at the Amani Guest House that is an affiliated to the World Revival Center founded by the Bishop Benvenu Daniel who shepherded Beligium flock before quitting. A while later, news peddled around pointing at the undisputed man in the Zion Temple church.

Unlike Vuningoma Dieudonne Bishops that include ; Beinvenu Kukimunu, Claude Akitembo   Djessa , Pator Patrick  Kamanzi, Bishop Richard Muya just to name a few. Dr. Paul made a statement to evict them out.

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‘’Of all happened  I stand here to announce that  Bishop Bienvenu  Kukimunu , Pastor  Claude Okitembo Djessa, Dieudonnne Vuningoma , Patrick kamanzi and Richard Muyabo are banned from Zion temple worldwide’’

Spotted in the 12th November ordaining ceremony for Apostle John Bihashya, journalists were curious to come to knowledge of Vuningoma’s new church.

Apotre GitwazaBishop Vuningoma eyes to return to the Zion Temple church

‘’ I am speaking to you as Bishop Vuningoma and board member of Rwanda Religious Leader Forum and also one of the Authentic Word Ministries Zion Temple in Rwanda and abroad. As bishops we were delighted to come together for prayer but still it is over, I am to return to take back my stolen responsibility ‘’

The Bishop added that the bishops who were confiscated of responsibilities are not going to sit back and wait until cow comes home but it is high time they came back to their responsibility.

Image result for Bishop Dieudonne amakuru igihe

‘’ There isn’t  any sin as long as we get back to Zion Temple because we were given no legal signed warrant  to leave, You can’t expel the founder of the church, there is no lawsuit applied by the way. Being silent doesn’t mean we are stupid, it is about time we called for press conference to bring everything out.’’


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