Mbonyi Israel leads Groove Awards Rwanda 2017 Best winners

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:18/12/2017
The Sunday night brought happiness at the Serena Hotel as the 5th annual Groove Awards Rwanda 2017 crowned winners for music performance.

Groove Awards Rwanda destined to compensating gospel and worship musicians in favor of encouraging them to reach another level of spreading the word of God. 

 Mbonyi, Dinah, Kipenzi na Beauty For Ashes ni bamwe mu begukanye Groove Awards Rwanda 2017-URUTONDE

Headlined with the ‘’Together We Can’’ as the debatable subject of the concert, the events  saw the  large number of the  youth  despite uninvited guests were denied to attend the ceremony that kicked off  5pm and folded at 9pm.

Mercy Masika

Mery Masika, for the first time in Rwanda, electrified the stage

The gospel music gifted singers who attended were local artists such as; Aimiable Twahirwa, Tonzi, Phanny Wibabara, Jack B, Dominick Ashimwe other than foreigners that include the Super Kenyan bluebird , Mery Masika who landed unforgettable performance.

KevinThe CEO of Mo Sound and Groove Awards founder offering the prize to Israel Mbonyi

The ceremony officially opened  by word of prayer led by Dr. Masengo Fidele, as soon as people echoed Amen the Rwanda’s national anthem followed in, Rwanda Nziza which simply means beautiful Rwanda.

Here is the full list of the best winners    

  1. Best male artist of the year: Israel Mbonyi
  2. Best female artist of the year: Dinah Uwera
  3. Best Choir of the year:  Shalom Choir (ADEPR Nyarugenge)
  4. Best upcoming music group or solo: Jado Sinza
  5. Best song of the year: Ndaguhetse by Gisubizo Ministries
  6. Best worship song of the year : Imvugo yiwe by Gentil Bigizi
  7. Best HipHop music : Yaguhenda by MD
  8. Best video music : Yesu ni sawa by Beauty for Ashes
  9. Best group dance: Shekinah Drama team
  10. Best Radio gospel program : Gospel Image show / RBA Musanze
  11. Best TV gospel program : Shalom gospel/ TV1
  12. Best journalist of the year ( Radio): Peace Nicodem Nzahoyankuye
  13. Best Christian website: Ibyishimo.com

5 batches selected by the judge panel

  1. Best songwriter: Israel Mbonyi
  2. Best Audio track producer: Justin Haragakiza
  3. Best video song producer: Pro Karenzo
  4. Best diaspora  artist : Romulus Rushimisha
  5. Outstanding  Gospel supporter: Pastor Ephraim Rushimisha


Shalom choir

Shalom, the best choir of the year




Yesu ni sawa track  awarded as best vieod music of the year


Kavutse Olivier recieved awards for Beauty For Ashes


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