Kenyan Songbird to Make History at the Groove Award Rwanda 2017 this Sunday

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:15/12/2017
The famous Kenyan songstress better known as Mery Masika looks to perform at the Groove Award Rwanda 2017 this Sunday.

The Groove Award Rwanda managerial team confirmed Masika set to thrill revelers at the Groove Award Rwanda 2017. The event aims to offer awards to best gospel performers from the outset of 2017. The awaited singer in the country premiered the Groove Award Kenya 2017.

Mercy Masika

The Mwema hit maker is the 3rd Kenyan to make history at the Groove Award Rwanda after Daddy Owen headlining the Groove Award Rwanda 2016 and Bahati electrifying the  Groove Award 2015.

Noel NkundimanaThe chairperson of the Groove Award Rwanda,  Mr. Noel Ndikumana  indicating the prize for  this year batch winner

Recall the ceremony is staged once a year  and will for this year have awards offered to the winners on this Sunday at the broad day light.  The event due to take place at the Serena Hotel,  Kigali. Only people given invitations will be allowed to attend.  You still have time to give chance to your favorite singer by  browsing to your mobile phone message icon, write the word’’ Groove” leave a space and write the code number of your preferred singer and send to 5000.  

                                                                                                          Mercy Masika


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