Aline Gahongayire Divorced her Husband

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/11/2017
The credible source has made it clear that Gabriel Gahima has dumped wife after couple of days appearing in courts.

The Kacyiru Tribunal courts verdicts   that divorce was the mere remedy for  the duo to live in harmony but still  Gahongayire told Inyarwanda.com  journalist that she was unaware of  what was going on with the courts and divorce rumors when she was seated  at Ubumwe Grand Hotel for some lunch.

Aline GahongayireGabriel with Aline happy on the stage

‘’ I am currently at Ubumwe Grand Hotel, I am having my lunch. I don’t know anything about the courts and divorce,’’ she told the journalist.

Following the case claimed by Gahima, the courts released a statement saying that best solution to cease fire of the conflicts was to let go of their relationship.  Gahongayire is accused of not living at home and the judge stated that both were avoiding each other for 12 months gone by and added that they had nothing in common because no kid and no property they shared.

Aline GahongayireGahima  Separated with Gahongayire

The artiste Gahonagyire on 1st Sep 2013 engaged to Gahima but  as time passes conflict started erupting between them  from when  Gabriel, in  January 2015, announced the separation news but Gahongayire thought that her husband  was kidding. On 10th Oct 2016 Inyarwanda.com reported that Gahima was in love with Abizera Paolo, a student at ICK University.


Aline Gahongayire romance with Gabriel Gahima might give her the sleepless night

The VOA confided that Gahongayire told their journalist, Eddy Rwema, that she has separated with her husband for good after their personalities failed to match. She says,’’ I am good and calm. I am blessed and I consider that  my ex-husband will find his match and I will find another because we are too young, I am not so bad, God will get me another husband to be married to as he can’t let me  stay like this! I will find him because I want babies and become a mother,’’ Aline Gahongayire said.   

Tariki 26 Ukuboza 2014, bitabiriye ibirori bya Inyarwanda Fans Hangout bari kumwe kandi bishimanye bigaragara 



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