Apotre Dr Gitwaza says he will repeatedly show believers Exit door to Shepherd their own Ministries

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:06/11/2017
The senior shepherd of the Zion Temple Church worldwide, Apotre Dr. Gitwaza, while in crusade at England, said that each and every Zion Temple church member will be shown an exit door, after 5 years in service, to go founding his or her own church.

The Apostle, on 31st Oct, spoke to mass congregation, gathered in the United Kingdom, on the broad day light that every believer in his church must depart after 5 years of service to go establishing his or her own church to shepherd.

‘Buri mukristo wese wa Zion Temple azaba umupasiteri’Apotre Dr Gitwaza

‘’ Every Zion Temple member has to at the maximum stay with us for five years serving God, we will baptize him (or her), as the Bible says. We will send him (or her) out to build self -Ministry,’’ said Apotre Dr. Paul Gitwaza.

He added that he was previously about to lose trust from believers and that’s why he doesn’t want to make the same mistake. He ultimately expressed grattitude for believers at the Gatenga Zion temple church based in Rwanda who managed to look for ways to reorganize themselves and fill gaps following the turmoil caused by the dismissed leaders but still he learned a lot from the change and that gives him hope to further proclaim good news from Jesus Christ to the world.  

Image result for Apotre Gitwaza amakuru'Apotre Dr.Paul Gitwaza

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