The Ambassadors of Christ Choir legend, Manzi walks down the aisle with lover

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:20/10/2017
The Ambassadors of Christs choir base singer held the public attention in the stunning wedding over the weekend.

The Adventist church of the seventh day believer, Manzi tied the knot with lover Irakiza Eunice and vowed to walk hand in hand forever at their new home living as wife and husband until Jesus comes back.

Manzi Nelson

Dowry giving and introduction event happened in the morning while religious marriage took place afternoon at the Kigali English church located in Kibagabaga on 15th Oct.

In the wedding that saw thousands and thousands of people the reception was held at the Green Hills Academy main hall.   

The ceremony saw an amazing experience considering the way the Alarm Ministries shared the stage with the revelers at the event to set the world on fire.

In an interview with Inyarwanda.com Manzi opened about motivation that pushed him to on the earth choose Eunice from millions of girls.

Manzi Nelson

‘’ I loved her for the special character and personality I saw in her: She is a singer, I like her sweet voice and skill. It is a thing I always put first in my prayer for my wife to be,” Nelson Manzi told the journalist before the wedding.  


Manzi Nelson

Manzi poses in picture with his sister Sanyu

Manzi Nelson

MU MAFOTO 50: Ihere ijisho uko byari bimeze mu bukwe bwa Manzi Nelson wo muri Korali Ambassadors of Christ

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Comment: 3

Jedidah : May 10th, 22:20
Congratulations to you Nelson and Eunice,,,,

Annonymous: Feb 11th, 22:54
wou nice couples ever wsh to av such a wddn

jado: Oct 21st 2017, 05:30
Que Dieu benisse votre nouvelle famille

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