Bishop Rugagi to resurrect the dead soon

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:27/09/2017
The Redeemed Church Bishop, Rugagi in the broad day light told his believers he is about to reveal to the world his godly power that he will resurrect the dead hospitalized in CHUK, Kigali, soon.

Of his superpower in him, the Bishop confided to TV7 that he will bombard first resurrecting miracle beginning from Kanombe hospital and CHUK, in the Kigali capital.

Bishop Rugagi yatangaje ko agiye kujya azura abapfuye

‘’ My preaching is getting serious, the world will witness and get convinced that my God is real. The sick healed, sterile gave birth, broken have got to walk again without wheel chairs, however, I will herald the last miracle when I am to wake up corps laid to rest in CHUK morgue to return to life,’’

Image result for Bishop Rugagi Innocent amakuruBishop Rugagi says he will wake up the dead again       

Bishop Rugagi said himself that he has recently brought back fading away soul of a young girl, who had been hospitalized in King Fayal for long time, to life again.

Rugagi believes that he has ability to read minds of people other than the fact that he doesn’t ignore the cries for help of people living in economic hardship.    

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