Bishop Gasatura lauds President Kagame for a High-Class Car Offer

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:06/09/2017
The acting Bishop of Butare Anglican Diocese, Reverend Nathan Gasatura, has expressed gratitude to the President Paul Kagame after receiving a land Cruiser Car offer, worth about Rwf 90m, from him on 31 August.


The Bishop, Gasatura could not hold in his excitement which pushed him to reveal to Inyarwanda.com that he had been a close friend with the President since their childhood age when they were at school.

 Musenyeri Gasatura yatangaje ko imodoka ya V8 yayihawe na Perezida Kagame inshuti ye biganye-IKIGANIRO

There is no doubt that this news to many comes as a surprise regarding the fact that number of the worshipers got stuck into huge dilemma as soon as they spotted the Bishop driving a high class car which according to them he was unable to afford without hogging their savings designed to be utilized while proclaiming good news from God to the world.

Nathan Gasatura

Reverend Nathan Gasatura revealed to the world the name of his close friend who gifted him the V8, land Cruiser.

‘’ The God sent person who offered me the Car is just a friend who we met in 40 years back, he has been so good to me though responsibility seemed to build a wall between us. That true friend is H.E Paul Kagame and may heavenly God bless him for everything,’’ said the Bishop Gasatura with thankful heart.

 Nathan Gasatura

This is the Car the Bishop was offered as a present

Now that the Bishop casts the light on the origin of the car the believers are likely to feel at home about church treasure because the Bishop himself confessed that, to his consent with God, cannot dare utilize offerings from believers in his own business.

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Nathan Gasatura 


Nathan Gasatura

Nathan Gasatura


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