Mbonyi Israel drops a new hit- KU MAREMBO

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:07/06/2017
Following his previous hit release Sinzibagirwa, Israel Mbonyi confirmed that he is fond of making his music fans happy by releasing another new hit entitled Ku marembo y Ijuru.


The soon coming Mbonyi’s new album launch, Intashyo, will be made of 8 tracks of which Ku marembo will be part. Mbonyi sings that the door way to the Heaven gets him convert when he saw God face- to- face.

 Israel Mbonyi yashyize hanze indi ndirimbo nshya aririmbamo ko yabonye Imana n’amaso ye-YUMVE

‘’ When he remembered me, in the night of trouble, I was like homeless, I was hobbling to the well, I used to sing songs of nostalgia. Those countless mercy got me closer, those kind words let me in, I was convinced and accepted, I spent the night at the door way to the heaven. I have no shame to get in, he forgave me of the past fate and I found the cornerstone, Jesus. Christ was my pillow when I was sleeping at the door way, all my history changed by then. I saw God with my own eyes, I put off shattered clothes and I was given the new name.’’         

 Click here to listen to it 

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