Advisor Bukuru releases a hit video for his track- SITOKI HAPA

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:06/06/2017
Advisor Bukuru, real name Mshauri Bukuru, is a Rwandan artiste who lives in Kenya. He has dropped a new hit Gospel video song named Sitoki hapa.


The Rwandan Gospel songster, is a fast rising artist who lives in Kenya for now and said to have embarked on music industry at young age.


Kenya: Umuhanzi nyarwanda Advisor Bukuru yashyize hanze amashusho y’indirimbo ‘Sitoki hapa’-VIDEO


The Gospel songbird who happened to go to church at the woman foundation Ministries and Noble Family Church reportedly spends much of his time in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Bukuru has launched his first album, produced in Nairobi, in 2016. And the album was dubbed ‘Njye Imbere yawe’. It was made of 7 singles in total.

The Star spoke on two of his songs namely Bazashira and the new video Sitoki where he revealed that he wrote those songs aiming to offer comfortable message to people who are hopeless and despair for their future in order to rekindle their hope as God sometimes purifies his people by using miserable temptations like applied to Job from the Bible.


Advisor Bukuru

The artiste Bukuru now dreams of featuring famous Kenyan singers in his songs    

He added that he started writing on his song Sitoki as soon as he learned that some believers spend time in Church unfortunately get back home as they come to church. Besides, he composed this stanza of prayer; ‘I will stay around you because i can’t do anything without you.’

Bukuru put an emphasis on his plan to collaborated songs with the Kenyan artists who have good names in the music industry. ‘’ I expect many more projects for my music, I expect to make some collabo with famous gospel singer here in Kenya,’’ Bukuru predicted while addressing to the journalist.


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Comment: 4

Jane: Jun 7th 2017, 15:32
keep it up Bukuru advisor. I like yr songs. is so sweetest. b blsd.

Paul Bisemgo: Jun 7th 2017, 14:04
l like yr songs brother.. courage kbs

Elvis kivis: Jun 7th 2017, 13:46
Congratulations bro so far so good....

Alicia Mutoni : Jun 7th 2017, 13:43
good keep it up

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