Bishop Rugagi takes a heavy bag, filled with believers’ wishes and appeals, to place it on Israelite willing wall for benediction

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The head Shepherd of Redeemed Gospel Church, Bishop Rugagi Innocent toted a heavy bag of believers wishes and claims and took a journey to Israel to place them to the willing wall to be turned into blessings.


Bishop Rugagi is amongst the renowned pastors in Rwanda who is exclusively known for making miracles. He has recently forecasted that some of the believers will own Range Rovers provided that they believe it as the whole truth.

Bishop Rugagi yikoreye igikapu cyuzuye ibyifuzo n’ibibazo by’abanyarwanda ajya kubisengera muri Israel-AMAFOTO

The companionship men who were in the flight to Israel with the servant of God, Bishop Rugagi, told Inyarwanda.com that he carried the heavy bag filled with the believers’ wishes and outcries to be prayed on the holy land of Israel.


The crewmen who took the journey with the Bishop Rugagi to the Holy land of Israel held their visit to different corners of the country that marked unique historical landscapes.

Willing wall is the great wall that is located in Jerusalem capital City. It is in the focal point where the multitude of people gather for prayers about their wishes.

According to Redeemed Gospel Church, Bishop Rugagi described why he had to bring with him the wishes and outcries of Rwandans and of few foreigners and that it is God’s covenant to whosoever worships God standing at the willing wall will be answered.

‘’ Willing wall is the wall of blessing, it’s in the vast landscape where the multitude of people gather for praying God and it is because of the covenant that God lends ears to the wishes of individual to be spoken out here as it is written in the book of Kings 1-8:39-41. ‘ Therefore, listen from the heaven, your living home, rule and reward people according to their deeds because you are aware of his heart ( because you are the only to read from the minds of everyone). In order that they become obedient to you for all the days they will spend in the country you offered their old ancestor. And it is the same to the foreigner who is not an Israelite coming from the distant nation for your name. ‘ That’s why I brought all Rwandans and foreigners’ wishes with me in order to place them in front of Jesus such that he delivers answers as it is God’s covenant to human.’’

Bishop Rugagi says that his God will provide answers to all wishes of Rwandans that he brought with him


Bishop Rugagi confided that they had to put on white hats owing to the rule of land as soon as they reached Jerusalem.’’ Is not about Islamists, nobody can turn in here without a white or black hat on his head. Everyone must have it on before doing anything. They recommend people not to bring with them their own hats since they have special hats for them.

Even the U.S president, Donald Trump had it on when he previously came for prayer.’’


Bishop Rugagi appeared in Israelite country to pray for the wishes following Apotre Gitwaza who toted the Rwanda’s flag in the name of all Rwanda’s citizens to have their wishes prayed. Some people believe in this way of prayers but others argue that God can listen to his people wherever they are instead of passing the message through their Bishop.                     


Bishop Rugagi while in Israel  together with people and the wishes

Bishop Rugagi while at the  Willing wall prayed for Rwandans wishes 

Israel-Apotre Gitwaza yikoreye ku mutwe ibibazo n’ibyifuzo by’u Rwanda n'abatuye isi abyereka Imana- AMAFOTO

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