Tonzi electrifies Kampala and Deputy admires

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A Ugandan Deputy, Judith Babirye was impressed by the Rwandan female artiste performance in a huge concert landed to Kampala at the end of the last week where all participants rose up on their two legs to joyfully dance and sing; Sijamuvako, Kwa Neema among other songs to her as they were too excited at Serena Hotel.


The special concert of which the guest of honor and organizer was Deputy Judith Babirye, staged on Friday, 12 May 2017 at Serena Hotel that is located in Kampala city. Each and every one in the Concert thrilled while singing worship songs along with Babirye and the Rwandan gospel music reigning queen.

 Kampala:Tonzi yaririmbye mu gitaramo gikomeye cya Depite Babirye ashimishwa no gusanga benshi bazi indirimbo ze-VIDEO


The songstress, Tonzi expressed strong gratitude for being invited in such important event that happened in the foreign country, notably, by Deputy Judith Babirye. Tonzi added that she was very surprised by the limelight she found in Uganda echoing her tracks. Besides, she figured out that they were moved by her songs especially ‘Sijamuvako’ which they were rehearsing like hail marry prayer.



Tonzi happily sings for Deputy Babirye Judith's Concert 

‘’ I was really impressed on how I was invited and welcomed to Uganda. It means that the Rwandan music is improving dramatically to get known globally, I found out that many of Ugandans knew my song under the name of ‘Sijamuvako’, it is something to be proud of as Rwandans since it’s been rare for Rwandan artists to be summoned for such incident. And I can’t help giving special thanks to all Rwandans, Journalists, my fellow artistes, my fellow Christians, my family among others who contributed their support in one way or another to rocket sky our music,’’ Tonzi told Inyarwanda.com reporter.


Tonzi now cheers that many of Ugandans admire her songs

The queen of Gospel songs in Uganda, Judith Babirye popularly known for her hit singles that include; Yesu Bela Nange, Omusaayi, Wanjagala and so forth, is now an acting member of Deputy Chamber in Uganda and the legal representative of Buike District. The entry fees into the concert worth 3 million for VIPs and 300 thousand Ugandan Shillings in other places.            

TonziJudith BabiryeJudith Babirye

                                        Tonzi on the stage at Kampala

Judith Babirye

Judith Babirye recalls her first ever concert she perfomed in since she enters politics


Tonzi together with the legend singer in Uganda, Wilson Bugende pose in the picture


 Click here to Watch the video 

Click here to watch Sijamuvako video  


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