Apostle Gitwaza declares new Executive Committee and fires some of the people who started the church with him

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:06/02/2017
Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza Muhirwa, founder and legal representative of Zion Temple Celebration Center Ministries all over the world fired some of his assistant bishops by introducing new executive committee.

In a meeting which gathered all Bishops and Shepherds of Zion Temple in Rwanda on 28, December 2016,  they willingly notified it in order to confirm it. Each mandate should last 2 years.

When Zion Temple status changed on 5, Feb, 2017, they established new leadership system that include; Executive Authentic Word Ministries and Zion Temple celebration center Rwanda as Apotre Gitwaza addressed on Facebook.

Zion Temple

Members of the new executive committee of Authentic Ministries and Zion Temple are: Apotre Gitwaza (irreplaceable) , Bishop Charles Mudakikwa, Rev Dr. David Bulambo, Pasteur Nobert Runazi, Pasteur Hubert Kagabo, Pasteur Vincent Hakizimana, Pasteur Kamanzi Symphorien, Pasteur Karengera Ildephonse and Pasteur Uwera Egidia. Apotre Dr Paul Muhirwa Gitwaza remained on Visionnaire post.  Those who lost their positions are: Bishop Dieudonne Vuningoma, Bishop Muya, Bishop Claude Djessa and the former assistants of Gitwaza.

 Apotre Dr Paul GitwazaThe new committee

Gitwaza is said to have dismissed them after 4 months out of service and he officially allowed them start their own churches. Some of Christians who talked to Inyarwanda.com were astonished to see Gitwaza fire people who built the church  with him and served it until it becomes a solid church. Bishop Vuningoma said that he didn’t know anything about his dismissal.

Apotre Dr Paul Gitwaza

A prayer for the new committee 

Speculations have been around that the dismissed bishops had unsuccessfully tried to dethrone Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza who founded the church and who is its representative all over the world.

Bishop Claude Djessa and his wife are no longer members of the committee

Bishop Dieudonné Vuningoma and his wife are rumoured to have been definitely fired from Zion Temple

Bishop Muya has been excluded as well

Zion Temple Church was part of Authentic Word Ministries where Gitwaza had vision to change the world (une jeune Authentique transformera le monde) by age of 16 before he joined University.   

Order of their Responsibility:

1.Spokesperson of Zion Temple: Apotre Dr Paul Gitwaza (cannot be replaced)

2.Spokesperson Assistant: Bishop Charles Mudakikwa

3. Secretary: Pastor Dr Bulambo David

4.Advisors: Pasteur Jean Paul Ngenzi Shiraniro and Pastor Robert Runazi

5. In charge of finance: Pastor Kagabo Hubert and Pastor Vincent Hakizimana

6.Judges: Pastor Symphorien Kamanzi, Pastor Karengera Ildephonse and Pastor Uwera Egidia

 Apostolic center Council:

-In Kigali city: Pastor Kanyangoga Jean Bosco

-Eastern Province: Pastor Munanira Bernard

-Western province: Pastor Gakunde Felix

-Northern Province: Pastor Mihirwa Jerome

-Southern Province: Pastor Ruhagararabahunga Eric

Story narrated by Gideon Mupende Ndayishimiye, translated to english by Rutayisire Patience



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