“Attracting investment is a priority for Rwanda.” President Paul Kagame remarks at inauguration of Vibrant Gujarat - India

Posted By: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace - On:11/01/2017
President Kagame has attended a summit in Gandhinagar, Gujarat in India that has been named Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit and aims at discussing economic partnerships. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda has recalled a long business partnership between Rwanda India and urges improvement.

Here is the full speech:

Good afternoon.

It is a pleasure to be back in India, and particularly, to be here in beautiful Gujarat. I would like to thank Prime Minister Modi and the Government of India for your invitation and warm hospitality.

Rwanda and India share more than long historical ties, we also have common aspirations for the wellbeing and prosperity for our people.

Indian investors and East Africans of Indian origin continue to make important contributions to our region’s dynamism.

Trade between India and Rwanda is growing. Indian businesses, in the manufacturing and other sectors, are playing a role in our economy as long-term investors.

But there is much more potential for investment and joint ventures.

Like India, Rwanda seeks economic development and long-term transformation by unleashing the potential of our citizens to be more productive andthrough beneficial partnerships with the private sector.

This is also the main goal of on-going work to deepen regional integration in East Africa, particularly through projects that supportintegration.

By widening our markets, easing travel, trade and business, and embarking on major joint infrastructure projects, we want to maximise opportunities for investmentand ensureinclusive growth for years to come.

In a rapidly changing world, we have the opportunity to further diversify African exports to India, beyond oil and minerals, to stronger, profitable partnerships in other areas, including technology, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, education and healthcare.

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is a valuable platform to strengthen mutually beneficial initiatives in these and other sectors.

Attracting investment is a priority for Rwanda. We continue to make it easy to do business, and have established a very friendly investment code.

We are ready to discuss business and investments right away.The Rwandan private sector delegation that is here in Gujarat is eager to meet counterparts and explore prospects.

Following this visit, we look forward to more activities including the launch of direct flights in a few months to India, starting with Mumbai, by our national carrier, Rwandair,. This will be a significant step in facilitating travel and business between Rwanda and India and better connecting our two regions.

We have every reason to succeed in our efforts. India’s familiarity with the East Africa region and yourlong tradition of successful businesses is a good match for the ambitions and vast opportunitiesavailable in our countries.

We are here to make it work.

I thank you and wish all of us a fruitful summit.


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