Knowless to land a huge gig in Lusaka and Maputo

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/05/2018
The Rwandan songbird has conquered music lovers for her best songs for all seasons. Butera appeared in a video announcing good news for her music fans living in Zimbabwe and Mazambique.

Close source to the Te amo hit maker told Inyarwanda.com that people of hers living in Lusaka and Maputo put and organized all needful show equipment to make events happen .

Knowless Butera agiye gukorera ibitaramo muri Zambia no muri Mozambique

The source also revealed that scheduled time is in June 24th this year for Lusaka, then 30th in Maputo.

‘’The news is confirmed that Knowless will perform at Lusaka on 24th and her next stage will be on 30th June in Mozambique,’’ the source says.

In an inviting video, Knowless Butera addressed to the general public who stay in Zambia and called them for turning up and share music happiness together. It seems that knowless has no doubt about dozens of diaspora music lovers whom she  has conquered hearts.  

Butera Knowless

Knowless Butera to perform at Lusaka and Maputo

Our reporter tried to get interview about the news from Kina music Studio that manages Knowless Butera but the Manager Clement Ishimwe feels reluctant to give information about it.

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