PGGSS8: First Roadshow Convinces Gicumbi Residents

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/05/2018
The annual Primus Guma Guma Super Stars music contest 8th edition comes back with new image. 10 musicians are vying for best prizes. Inyarwanda.com has collected important details for you as you keep reading.

For the 8th edition, the first roadshow kicked  off in the Gicumbi District over the weekend. Dozens of revelers enjoyed  the show with a sip of a beer because the main sponsor for the competition, Bralirwa offered drinks in large to quench thirst of all turnout.


The event was on the fire since all 10 selected performers graced the concert on Saturday with extraordinary potential. Just family opened the show and Queen Cha followed in singing Kizimya moto’. The Rapper Young Grace echoed the Hello boss’ music and saw revelers standing up clapping.     

It was amazing because how the sequence was organized caught attention of almost every participants. Mico the Best had a follow and excited residents of Gicumbi. Active swooped in to pave ways for Bruce Melody whom Gicumbi residents admired so much.

Christopher was the next after Melody and he was received with excitement of fans. Jay c and Khalifan were the last on the stage but not least because every contender sang convincingly.  

The ambient at the Gicumbi stadium left the District in unforgettable enthusiasm as concertgoers hustled to in person dance with singers on the stage.

As a reminder, the top jury winner will get Frw 20.000.000 while the best public voted will get a prize of 15.000.000.

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