Sherrie Silver Reveals her Motivation to Create This Is America in Rwanda kids’ party

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:25/05/2018
The This is America hit creator, Sherrie Silver is glad to have had a unique talent. She told our reporter more about her music career and how she was motivated to dive in music realm.

Cherrie Silver is the founder of the Childish Gambino style. This type of music has become popular following the days she featured in the ‘’This is America.‘’ This song has become a blessing to Rwanda because as people wanted to know the origin of a genius girl who performs convincingly, everybody was to echo the name Rwanda.   


In the evening gala that took place at Club Rafiki, on 23rd, the turnout was showing happiness on their faces. As she organized the event to share happiness with disabled kids, Sherrie told us when she was incentivized to support vulnerable and people with disabilities.

’ President Paul Kagame has helped me so much to achieve my dream. At the age of 9 I started helping them and so far i am working with my mom in Wall Rebuilders foundation to support people,’’ Sherrie said.

She said that she is lucky to have got so many projects though she was reluctant to reveal them now.

Nyuma ya  ‘This Is America’ ngo Sherrie Silver yabonye ibindi biraka bikomeye, indirimbo yo mu Rwanda ari gukunda ni ‘Oya’ ya Buravan

She continued to tell us what she is aware of Rwandan singers and confidently pointed out that she recognizes Buravan and The Ben’s songs such as Oya and Thank you.

In behalf of her mother, Silver prepared a party to have a dinner with a few of the kids whom she has revamped lives and helped them to depart from life on the street.


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