Chris Brown sued after a woman was forced to perform oral sex with a menstruating Chris’ friend at singer's home

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:11/05/2018
Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who claims she was raped at a party held at his home in February last year.

The unnamed victim alleges she went to the singer's house after a concert at a nightclub and was assaulted by rapper Lowell Grissom Jr aka Young Lo.

She also claims she was forced to perform oral sex on another woman who was on her period during the alleged sickening ordeal.

In legal documents seen by Mirror Online, the woman known only as Jane Doe claims her phone was taken away from her earlier in the night.

She went to Brown's house hoping to get her phone back but claims she was forced into a bedroom by a female friend of Brown’s.

She allegedly blocked the door with a couch, and when the woman tried to leave she was "grabbed by the throat" and forced to perform oral sex on Chris’ friend.

The victim claims the female friend pushed her down on the bed and "literally sat on (her) face, using her legs to pin (her) down while forcing (her) to perform oral sex on her".

She only realised the woman was menstruating when she went to the bathroom to shower and saw blood on her face.

She claims Grissom then entered the bathroom and she tried to escape but he pushed her on the bed and raped her.

A lawsuit was filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday that alleges the woman, known only as Jane Doe, went to 1 Oak nightclub on 23 February last year.

"At some point our client was invited to attend an 'after party' at a recording studio to meet Young Lo and Chris Brown," the woman's lawyer Gloria Allred said at a press conference.

She added: "The lawsuit alleges that while she was at Brown's house the plaintiff became the victim of horrific sexual assault."

The lawsuit accuses Chris Brown and others of several allegations including sexual battery, assault and gender violence and says the victim is seeking damages.

It also claims Brown provided alcohol and illegal drugs and was also seen with guns in front of guests at his home.

"This is one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen," said Allred. “Our client Jane Doe has been severely traumatised by what she was forced to suffer."

Mark Geragos, Chris Brown’s lawyer, told TMZ on Wednesday that before filing the lawsuit Allred and her client demanded $17 million (Sh1.7 billion) from Brown, which Geragos rejected.

“My investigation shows that none of these allegations are true,” he said. “Chris is a target.”

Mirror Online has been unable to contact a representative for Young Lo.


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