Charly and Nina’s Show at Belgium is on the fire

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:06/05/2018
The duo female singers made hilarious performance at the Belgium. Rwandans along with their fellow friends thrilled to turn up.

3 days back, songstresses left the country to go performing in Belgium. Arrived there, Dj Flora welcomed them like queens. They could not hesitate to dive in a show preparation; to them there was no excuse that concertgoers would get bored with their performance. They all had night of unforgettable happiness.


The musicians’ journey is not ended like that because a lot of concerts are pending for them prior to their heading back to the country of thousand hills. Next show is due to thrill French people on 11th. Another glorious party is slated to wake up residents of Paris on 12th.

The females are not alone because an old school music king, Abdul Makanyaga is accompanying them on the stage. The old school singer  is to let the duo perform without his hand on the 26th show.

As Addul will be in his way back to the country, the I do hit makers look to on the 2nd June excite Stockholm city, Sweden.   


Charly and Nina will be earnestly awaited in Danemak to rock Copenhagen city. Polish performance on 26ht June will put an end point to all shows expected to be done in Europe.  



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