Charly and Nina Finally fly to Europe

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:03/05/2018
Thursday morning gives the duo Rwandan female singers chance to fly to the country of Belgium

At the down, the songstresses told our reporter that they are in buoyant mood to wow music lovers who will turn into concerts that the singers look to grace across European continent.

The I do hit makers said they regret nothing after their compatriot and old school musician, Abdul Makanyaga left them behind on 30th April because they were not prepared enough to go.

charly na Nina

The Bruxelles show  will on 5th May  be the first but it will not hold their full attention until they make their way back home for they will perform at Lille city, France, on 11th.

Their next concert will land at Paris on 12th May. They look to perform at another important show in Genève, Suisse, to bid farewell to their compatriot, Abdul who will return to Rwanda.

The duo females will continue their performing journey because they expect to on the 2nd June grace a concert at the Stockholm city, Sweden.

Watch I do by Charly and Nina Ft Bebe Cool 

Their next show of 9th will excite music fans of Copenhagen, Danemark. On the 16th, they will rock Netherland. The final concert will on 26th June salute people from German.    


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