Mico The Best Quits Super level Music Studio

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:27/02/2018
Close source to the musician confided to Inyarwanda.com that the acting director of the Super Level label, Nsengumukiza Richard on 26th February 2018 evening, decided to show an exit door to Mico The Best who has at least lasted 5 years under their control.

Mico the Best told Inyarwanda.com reporter that it is high time he parted way with the music label thanks to the fact that the Super Level managing director no longer gives him adequately enough time to convert his singing talent into needful profits but still Richard turned both eyes to his own business.

Mico The Best nawe yamaze gutandukana na SuperLevel

Mico The Best with the microphone 

‘’ That’s right! It’s been 5 years working with Super Level music label but I have to quit them for I want to work on my own,’’ Said Mico The Best.

Asked whether Super Level owes him debt or any other unfinished deal, The Best was open to confirm that he separated with them in harmony and there will be no inquest.


Mico The Best Posed in a photo with Urban Boys music group members when they were still working with the Super level Music studio

‘’ It shouldn’t end like that but that’s how things have become because everything can change, so we shall continue working as friends as they owe me nothing,’’ Mico The Best responded to the journalist.

Mico The Best started working with the Super Level music label from 2013 under the contract of 2 years. After the contract expired, there was no further renewing or termination of the contract until now. Recall the singer, Fireman is reportedly the only musician who still works with the Super Level so far.

Listen to his latest song here 


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