Bebe Cool says Weasle was not Musician but an Escort to the late Radio

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:26/02/2018
Radio was the Musician, Weasel was Just an Escort but i gave them Equal Money- Bebe Cool.

In 2016 during the Tubonga Naawe Presidential campaigns, Bebe Cool was chosen by President Museveni to headline the whole campain project including paying the musicians that sided with Museveni but recently Weasel has been attacking Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool on Talk and Talk Show

Bebe Cool on Talk and Talk Show

It was during the death of Mowzey Radio when President Museveni gave out money to help support his family’s trying moment only for Weasel to come out later and say that Bebe Cool did not deliver the Ugx 30Million from Museveni but he stole it.

Now as Bebe Cool appeared on Talk and Talk Show of Dembe FM, he was asked about the 30Million weasel claims he stole and in his defense he had to bring back the whole story of Tubonga Naawe and how he served out all that Money.

“I called Radio and i gave him 25Million, i called Weasel and i gave him too 25 Million. But we all know Radio was the musician and Weasel was just an escort since he did nothing.”said Bebe Cool.


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