Miss Rwanda 2018: Pastor Fire disproves Bishop Rugagi and Rev. Kayumba’s Prophecy

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:09/02/2018
Female beauty contest in Rwanda has for this time become mouthwatering debate not just amongst non- religious people but reverends and Bishops are drowned into words war.

Not many days pass by the Bishop Rugagi revealed his side about the contender he is supporting for the 2018 Miss competition as he pointed at Shanitah Umunyana. One day later, Rev. Kayumba heralded contest’s name that he draws all attention on.

Image result for Rev Kayumba MISS RWANDA

Rev, Kayumba with Noriella Ishimwe

The Patmos Faith Church headed by the Prophet Fire stipulated that he hardly agree that the vying for beauty exist owing to the fact that God has created all people in his image and insisted that there must not be the comparison of people as they are all the same in the eyes of God.

Pastor FirePastor Fire belives all girls in his church are far more beautiful

With emotional appreciation Bishop Innocent Rugagi hailed Shanitah umunyana and was is good position to summon all believers in his church to cast their votes to her.

Image result for bISHOP rUGAGI INNOCENT MISS RWANDABishop Rugagi's prophecy was rejected by Pastor Fire

‘’ I had no idea of gifted girls we have in our own church! You cannot believe it, there is Shanitah, where is she? Come on here .  Oh my God! How sweet you are! Alleluia this is our Miss 2018,’’ said the Bishop Innocent Rugagi who added that each believer obliged to at least vote 600 times a day.

The reverend Kayumba was not shy to confess that Noriella Ishimwe will undoubtedly be crowned Miss Rwanda 2018 thanks to the idea tha God revealed it to him while in dreams .

Pastor FirePastor Fire is popularly known for prophesizing and making miracles that include, healing the sick and bringing back the dead to life

It sounds amazing how the duo were showing off their great powers to communicate with God, in contrast the 3rd man, Prophet Jean Bosco Nsabimana, better known as the Gospel rapper, follows in dispelling all claims of the first two.

Pastor FirePastor Fire

‘’It does not imply that I barely prophesize the winner (Miss Rwanda2018), it simply means the winner is not between the two ( Noriella or Shanitah) but selectee who will be identified by the judges. That’s my whole truth for God told me so.’’  The prophet complemented the beauty is not judged by eyes either for men or women according to the bible.

 The criteria for beauty according to the Prophet Jean Bosco Nsabimana

-          The handsome man or beautiful woman must be  respectful to God

-          The beauty gives us pride towards our homes and country without quarreling

-          But most importantly, people with authentic Christianity in their hearts and only God can know who is beautiful.

Miss Rwanda 2018: Umuhanuzi Fire yavuguruje Bishop Rugagi na Rev Kayumba ati "Abahanuriwe nta Miss urimo"Pastor Fire between, Rugagi( Right) and Rev. Kayumba ( left side)

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