Miss Rwanda 2018: Bishop Rugagi’s Prayer Leaves Shanitah Umunyana In Buoyant Mood

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:05/02/2018
The beauty pageant in Rwanda has brought new image for this year as God servants have turned their eyes to it so far.

Back in the days the contest was not prioritized by Christians in Rwanda but things are taking another level. Bishop Rugagi Innocent confessed heartfelt prayer to Shanitah Umunyanya begging God helping hand to cooperate in the search for victory.

Chairing The Redeemed Gospel Church in Rwanda Innocent Rugagi reputable for making miracles that involve the healing of cancer and HIV/AIDs patients was humble to ask God the needful to have his follower surpassed the opponents. During the Sunday worshiping program at the Redeemed Gospel Church the Bishop at the broad day light went down on both knees to call for heavenly power to strengthen and lead her to undisputed success.

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The Bishop confided to the believers he had vision that Shanitah will bag the victory. He took an advantage to call them for voting her. The 1.84 height and 55 weight told Inyarwanda.com that Bishop Rugagi was not in a position to grant her the reward but he only prayed for her in an attempt to look for victory.

Umunyana Shanitah

‘’ I don’t believe he had vision to confess to me, he got me up, ushered me to alter then prayed for me’’ Said Shanitah Umunyana who added that she sincerely is confident to premiere this competition. Remember the best winner for this year will be unveiled by 24 Feb 2018 at the Convention Center.


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