Dream Boys releases Usibadilike track Staring Fille- Watch it here

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:13/12/2017
Taking a trip back in few days rumors spoken that one of Dream Boys group members romantic photo with the Ugandan queen leaked and headlined many newspapers. The truth has been discovered since we can take on board that the photos were taken while shooting Usibadilike new track already released.

The newly released video track, shot and edited by Meddy Saleh, Dream Boys featured with Ugandan female popularly known as Fille was according to TMC done some days back when the music group was performing at the 7th Primus Guma Guma Super Star competition.

dream boysDream Boys included Fille in the Usibadilike video track

Asked why the song,  was audio mixed by Junior Multisystem, had taken them too long to come out TMC told Inyarwanda.com reporter  Dream Boys had not only busy season, also decided to let the song out when the video clip would have been ready too.

‘’We were not so fast to release Usibadilike track so that we give it some time, that is the reason why we kept it for our fans, good news, we have  finally released it for them all ,’’  TMC said.

Watch it here  


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