Knowless and Melody’s Deep In Love Lyric is a hit

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:27/11/2017
Knowless Butera for the first time ever teamed up with Bruce Melody to release a lyric video that has become a hit already.

Butera knowless is triumphantly back on the stage to bring back music lovers’ happiness as she along with the Coke studio performer, Bruce Melody spent sleepless spree working on the Deep in Love lyric video reportedly received well by revelers.

Bwa mbere mu mateka Knowless na Bruce Melody bakoranye indirimbo bayita 'Deep in Love'-YUMVEKnowless Butera (right side), Bruce Melody (left side)

The winning team hit maker’s love for music still burns as with her sharp vocal melody seems to many that none can argue against her unprecedented talent to deliberately mesmerize listens. The content does not partway with true love that every couple is in need of, as they sing '' I can't hide it, i am so deep in love with you!'' The duo might land down the century during historical show due on 23 December at the Kigali Convention Center to pave ways for Christmas Eve.   

Listen to it here     


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